A Message From Bishop David Oyedepo To Christians: Become A Millionaire In One Hour

Bishop David Oyedepo addressed Christians who are eager to become millionaires in an hour during the opening session of the Living Faith Church Annual Youth Alive Convention 2023. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Bishop stressed the need of patience in life. Therefore, followers should avoid ways to become millionaires in an hour. He exhorted them to work hard and consistently.

Bishop David Oyedepo: “At 16, I attended a conference with the theme “God is not slow,” and I was baptized with the patience-enhancing gift of God. We didn’t get here over night; patience was required.

“Therefore, use caution: getting money quickly is risky. It’s hazardous to promise to become a millionaire in an hour. God doesn’t work that way. Become a millionaire in an hour by saying no. Have you ever seen someone win the lottery without being made fun of? According to Proverbs 13:11, “Wealth gained through vanity will diminish, but wealth gained through labor will increase.…… Continue Your Reading

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