A Lady From Nigeria Cries Out after Visiting Man for the First Time at His House, Discloses Photo of Food He Served Her

A Lady From Nigeria Cries Out after Visiting Man for the First Time at His House, Discloses Photo of Food He Served HerA Nigerian lady has caused a frenzy online after sharing the refreshment package she was offered during a visit
The lady visited a guy for the first time at his residence and he decided to serve her a home-cooked meal
However, he was only able to afford and prepare for his visitor boiled yam with palm oil and a sachet of water
A Nigerian lady with the handle @nihiinn on Twitter decided to take her friendship with a man to the next step by visiting his house.

However, the guy decided to treat her to a common home-cooked meal that won’t be hard to prepare and is very affordable…… CONTINUE READING 

Man serves his female visitor yam and red oil
Photo credit: @nihiinnSource: Twitter

He boiled white yam and garnished it with palm oil, and served her with one sachet of water.

When she arrived, he presented the dish to her, but she was not having it.

The upset lady took a photo of the food she was served and posted it on Twitter while expressing her displeasure.

“Visiting this guy for the first time. He offered me Yam and Oil with sachet water”, she lamented.

However, reacting to this, some netizens slammed her for snapping the food she was served and posting online to taunt the man.

Social media reactions
@dominnos wrote:

“Snapping the food and posting online is huge disrespect. What if he sees this?”

@cherry25634 said:

“Na lie. Na your mama give you this one”

@oyin_gucci commented:

“You get salt make I add am to the palm oil?”

@iam_jhessica wrote:

“I don’t see anything wrong with that. Except you have allergies to yam and palm oil.”

@evablazin23 commented:

“Oh it’s been long I ate this. Let me go buy yam, I have palm oil.”

@killertunes_tii wrote:

“This is real love .(Trenches Edition).”

@nnenna_blinks_ wrote:

“I will eat it and give him a kiss on the forehead. That is one of my fav food. At least he fed your belly. Probably that is all he had to offer.”

@nancy_phil wrote:

“I go just tell am make en pound onion and fresh pepper put on top…E too sweet abeg.”

@cam_ilia6600 said:

“For go my house sharp sharp but on second thought, that may be the only thing he has so I will eat it happily.”

@comradejerrbernard asked:

“You chop am abi you no chop am?”

@bolaadenike commented:

“I think his only offence here is that the water isn’t cold because trust me, yam goes well with cold water.”

@eriggapaperboi wrote:

“The yam that I yam” u no really dey fear”.

@tomiwa_jonathan wrote:

“Well that’s what he has na. The only problem is if he lied to you that he was a millionaire living in Lekki.”

@saucybright said:

“So wats wrong with it. If u don’t want to eat simply say thanks to him. At least he z not like me that doesn’t have anything to offer.”

@mcelvisjcfrn wrote:

“He must be from benue state u get luck say him nor add orange for u to cool am down.”

@enechelsea said:

“If this is true then the guy is bold and probably thinks you’re an understanding lady he can open up to and not pretend. Him no know say you go carry him predicament come twitter.”

@bibixtazia wrote:

“I love yam and oil o but why I go visit you you give me yam and oil with that plate omo.”

@cleverchief said:

“Like you don’t eat it at home but he no try maybe na watin he get oh. it’s good he kept it real with you.”

See tweet below:

Lady cries out as man visits her for first time
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