MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been preserved if Kola had taken a stronger stance– According to Abdul Abiola

MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been preserved if Kola had taken a stronger stance– According to Abdul AbiolaOne of the surviving sons of the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (MKO Abiola), Abdul has publicly voiced his doubts about Kola’s capacity to govern Nigeria. He attacked Kola for what he saw as his inability to continue their father’s political legacy and run their vast business enterprise.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Kola, attempting to follow in their father’s political footsteps, ran for the presidency under the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in 2023, as reported by the Daily Post. However, Abdul lamented that Kola has not succeeded in preserving Abiola’s political legacy and has struggled to maintain family unity.

In an appearance on Seun Okinbaloye’s podcast “Mic On,” Abdul argued that MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been better preserved if Kola had taken a stronger stance and embodied the democratic values their father championed. Unfortunately, Abdul noted, Kola chose a different path, which he believes undermines their father’s principles.

Abdul shared troubling insights into Kola’s past, including his relationship with Babangida’s daughter while their father was imprisoned. “It’s a sad reality,” Abdul remarked, adding that he takes some solace in knowing that their father did not live to witness what Kola has become.

While expressing his dissatisfaction with Kola’s leadership, Abdul pointed out the limited support Kola received during his presidential campaign. Abdul also touched on a broader issue within Nigerian society, criticizing the tendency for individuals to aspire to higher positions without demonstrating competence in their immediate responsibilities.

According to him, “but I find a bit of solace in knowing that my father didn’t live to witness what his first son has become. I’m unhappy with him, and even Nigerians are unhappy. You can see how many people voted for him when he campaigned for the presidency. I wondered how he thought he could be president when he could not manage Abiola’s empire. How will he manage Nigeria?”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>