76-year-old Professor: “I Am Tempted To Go To Japan Because Of The Problems Created By Politicians”

Professor Femi Osofisan, who will turn 77 this month, said he is inclined to Japa (leave the country) because of the problems brought on by political leaders. He is a 76-year-old professor.

Osofisan reportedly said it during an interview on his career in the literary realm, according to punchng.com.

The professor claimed that his mother was only a junior elementary school teacher and that he lost his father when he was two months old. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

They had to be serially farmed out to various relatives in order for them to survive.

To finish his elementary education, he had to move virtually every year, sometimes even between towns and schools.

When he was able to pass the entrance exam for the Elite Government College in Ibadan, Oyo State, luck smiled upon him. His life was forever altered by this, which also elevated him to a position of more privilege.

According to Osofisan, 99 percent of the problems that individuals in this nation often face are caused by outside forces. He was implying that they are the result of political choices or lack thereof made by our leaders. He will cite the general urge to “japa,” or pack up his belongings and move abroad to a more stable economic environment in Europe or North America, as one of his greatest problems in recent years.…… Continue Your Reading

The previous forty years have been difficult, and many individuals have had a difficult time simply surviving.

He has remained behind due to unusual patriotism, as seen by his hope for the nation.

The septuagenarian studied at the University of Ibadan without realizing he would become a writer until he arrived. Oil boomed the economy back then, opening up opportunities for artists and the arts.

He has received numerous accolades and aspired to greater heights in his career.

The Professor recalled the alterations that the art world had undergone throughout time.

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