4 former and current Chelsea players who performed horribly on their full club debut

A player’s first full game appearance in football can be a pivotal event, but things don’t always go according to plan. Throughout the years, Chelsea has witnessed a number of players struggle in their first matches for the team. Here are four examples of players that encountered difficulties upon their debut: CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Théodore Silva

When Thiago Silva made a costly error that resulted in an early goal for the opposition on his Chelsea debut against West Bromwich Albion, many took notice. Given his prior remarks regarding the playing style of the Premier League, Silva’s situation was comical. However, Chelsea recovered from a 3-0 hole to earn a 3-3 draw, demonstrating the team’s tenacity and Silva’s promise.

Caicedo, Moises

The debut of Moises Caicedo for Chelsea didn’t go as planned. The midfielder battled in a 3-1 defeat to West Ham, and as a result, he gave up a late penalty. While Caicedo had a difficult start, it’s crucial to keep in mind that adjusting to a new league takes time, and he still has chance to improve.

Hasrtz, Kai

The first time Kai Havertz played for Chelsea, they defeated Brighton 3-1 in the Premier League. Fans had great hopes for his debut, but it fell short since he made a poor pass in the first moments of the match. Despite this, Chelsea’s victory obscured the occasion and Havertz’s promise was still visible.

Niguez, Saul

It was difficult for Saul Niguez to get started in the Premier League. After 45 minutes, the Atletico Madrid loanee was replaced because he was unable to handle the intensity of Aston Villa’s game. Although Saul’s debut may not have been at the best time, manager Thomas Tuchel is optimistic that the player will grow and make a meaningful contribution in the future.

These encounters serve as a reminder that a player’s career is more complicated than a single debut. It might be challenging to adjust to new leagues and playing methods. These players’ debuts may not have been flawless, but what matters is how they grow from their mistakes and develop into valuable members of their teams.…… Continue Your Reading

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