27 Members Said Something, and the Court is Saying You Need to Prove It; Prove What?—According to Kenneth Okonkwo

Renowned attorney Kenneth Okonkwo is furious that a court is requesting proof of 27 senators defecting from the PDP to the APC, calling this information “notorious” and “common knowledge.” The Sun said that Okonkwo contended that the legislators’ public acts—such as their trips to Abuja and Port Harcourt—sufficiently demonstrate their defection.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Okonkwo slammed the judiciary for requesting proof of a widely known fact, calling it “ridiculous” and “embarrassing.” He also pointed out the contradictions within the judiciary, citing two Rivers State courts of coordinated jurisdiction issuing conflicting orders on the same matter.

According to him, “These people said something, carried it out, went to Abuja, went to Port Harcourt, in public glare, and the court is saying you need to prove. Prove what? Notorious fact, an issue of common knowledge. We’ve gone to a level that is ridiculous. Meanwhile, two courts of coordinate jurisdiction in that Rivers state are giving contradictory orders on the same fact, so even the judiciary is embarrassing itself. So you don’t even need external evidence to talk about the fact that we don’t have a fair, independent, and impartial judiciary.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>