27 Lawmakers:Abdulkarim Kana, A person may politically defect and may not legally do so


Prof. Abdulkarim Kana, the National Legal Adviser of the All Progressive Congress, distinguished between political and legal defections, stressing that even though a politician may publicly declare their defection, it does not imply that they have legally completed the process, according to a Punch report.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He explained that a political defection involves an individual publicly stating their move to another party, potentially causing commotion and confusion. He argued that many overlook these essential components of the legal defection process.

He said, “It is a position that is very clear. What people don’t understand is that there is a political defection and there is a legal defection. A person may politically defect and may not legally do so. A political defection is me coming out to say I have moved or defected to another party. I will go to the National Assembly to make noise, and raise dust here and there to create confusion.

But the thing is this: If I claim I have left the party, have I written a letter of resignation to intimate the party and have they accepted my resignation? That is number one.

Secondly, have I gone to my ward to register with the new party I joined and given a form of recognition? This is because the party constitution or the NEC can refuse to accept a person applying to be a member. These are all the stages that people are not taking into cognizance.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>