2027 Alliance:Sowore, What Can Peter Obi Do for Me? Was He Able to Do Anything When He Was in the PDP?

2027 Alliance:Sowore, What Can Peter Obi Do for Me? Was He Able to Do Anything When He Was in the PDP?Human rights advocate and two-time African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, has refuted rumors that he will join the fictitious Mega Alliance Party, which the PDP and Labour Party coalition has proposed to challenge the All Progressives Congress, which is currently in power, with the goal of ousting them in 2027.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The pro-democracy campaigner, while in an interview with Mic on Podcast on Saturday, reinstated that he is not interested in forming an alliance that will deceive and displease Nigerians because, according to him, those involved in the coalition are aimed at stealing and robbing the Nigerian people of their Commonwealth.

Sowore, when told Peter Obi will be in the alliance, and of course he has a good following from the 2023 election, replied, “What is Peter Obi going to do for me? Was he not in the PDP before? Was he not in APGA? Do you think the DNA of the Mega Party will change because Peter Obi has new followers? Was he able to change when he was in PDP or APGA? So, why are you all lying to yourselves? That’s the point I’m making; we keep throwing all these theories about how certain allies will change Nigeria without fundamentally scrutinizing the characters behind them.”

According to him, the Labour Party flagbearer might not be able to make a significant difference even after the alliance is formed; after all, he failed to do political reform when he was in the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressives Grand Alliance. Owing to this, he emphasized that the proposed alliance has no intention to change Nigeria whatsoever, and as such, he cannot be part of another deception.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>