2023 ELECTION: If Tinubu Is Not Declared President Because He Lost FCT, We Are Giving FCT The Veto Power – According to Sen Saidu

Like Jesus Christ, God will use Tinubu to deliver Nigeria, Africa – Prophet Ojo Declared

If Bola Tinubu loses in court over the fact that he didn’t receive 25% of the vote in the Federal Capital Territory, according to Senator Saidu Muhammad Dansadau, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Rescue Movement, there will be repercussions after the 2023 election.

In an interview with Arise Tv News, the senator claimed that Tinubu’s legal setback would grant the FCT the ability to veto the results of any election…… CONTINUE READING 

He stated that it is unfair to declare the President-elect the loser simply because he did not receive 25% of the vote in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), given that he received 25% in 28 states across the Federation. He emphasized that one of the Nigerian laws that cannot be viewed in isolation is section 134 of the constitution. If you recall, Mr. Peter Obi filed a petition accusing Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the incoming president. He stated that because Tinubu received less than 25% in the FCT, INEC shouldn’t have proclaimed him the victor.

I recently watched Dr. Olisa Agbakoba discussing the FCT issue, the man said. I’d like to quickly note that certain sections of the Nigerian constitution cannot be read in isolation from other parts of the document. According to the constitution, in addition to needing a majority of votes to be declared victorious, a candidate also needs to receive 25% of the vote in at least two-thirds of the federation’s states as well as the FCT.

We must consider the spirit of the constitution, not simply its language. The main goal of including this clause is to ensure that the President of Nigeria can be chosen by a small group of states.

Now, if Tinubu had received 25% in 28 of the federation’s states but not in the Federal Capital Territory, you would no longer be claiming that he won the poll. We are providing the FCT the veto power in the event that Tinubu is not elected president because he lost the FCT. And it is the serious consequence of what we are doing…… CONTINUE READING

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