2023: According to the British High Commission, the election’s irregularities were insufficient to change the results.

The 2023 Presidential Election has passed, but the credibility of the process is still a hot topic of debate. Some people believe the election wasn’t really free, fair, and credible, while others believe it was the most free and fair election INEC has ever held in the history of democracy.

Let’s see what Ben Llewellyn-Jones, the deputy British high commissioner in Nigeria, had to say in response to a question regarding the way the presidential election was conducted…..Continue Reading

In an interview with Nigeria Info FM, Llewellyn Jones responded to a question by saying that the Since the two opposing parties have filed a lawsuit, the court will examine the legitimacy of the proceeding and rule that it is not his responsibility to render a decision.

Going further, he said that a foreign organization had investigated the election and discovered that just two (2) of the 36 states had anomalies, which, in his opinion, made a substantial impact in those two states but not enough to change the conclusion of the process overall.

According to Llewellyn Jones, a survey indicated that only 2 states out of Nigeria’s 36 states recorded abnormalities on the day of the election. What conclusions do you get from their research regarding the opposition parties?

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